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About Mosque Expo

The Mosque Expo is an annual event, dedicated to the leadership of Mosques, Madrassahs and Islamic educational institutes across the UK and beyond. Launched in 2019, Mosque Expo is a highly anticipated gathering that brings together Mosque leaders, educators, community members and industry professionals from around the world. Since its inception, Mosque Expo has been at the forefront of promoting collaboration, innovation and knowledge sharing within the global Islamic community, promoting the concept of the 21st Century Beacon Mosque.

Our Purpose

Mosque Expo aims to serve as a catalyst for growth and development within the Mosque and Islamic educational landscape. By providing a dynamic platform that fosters networking, learning and collaboration, our event strives to empower Mosque leaders, educators, and community members with the tools, knowledge and connections necessary to drive positive change within their communities.

Key Objectives

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing

Mosque Expo facilitates the exchange of ideas, best practices and advancements in Mosque management, administration, education and community engagement.



Our event offers ample opportunities for attendees, exhibitors and speakers to connect, forge partnerships, and strengthen relationships within the Islamic community.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Mosque Expo provides a range of seminars and interactive sessions to enhance the skills, expertise, and leadership capabilities of Mosque leaders, educators and community members.

Showcasing Innovation

Showcasing Innovation

By featuring a diverse array of exhibitors and partners, Mosque Expo highlights innovative products, services and technologies that can benefit Mosques, Madrassahs and other Islamic institutes.

Our Team

Shaukat Warraich

Founder and Director

Kaashif Awan

Strategic and Development Lead

Wasim Riaz

Expo Manager

Saif Kayani

Technology Lead