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21st Century Beacon Mosques are emerging around the world, providing spiritual, educational, social, economic support everywhere. The Mosque Expo 2019 was the first of its kind in western Europe, bringing together pioneers and innovators in developing the spiritual centres. The day brought suppliers designers developers and people who believe on developing the 21st century beacon mosque concept.


The Mosque Expo is a project of Faith Associates [www.faithassociates.co.uk]

30+ Speakers

1000 attendees

10+ partners

Founding Team

shaukat 123

Shaukat Warraich



Kaashif Awan

CO-FOUNDER - Mosque Expo

  • The expo brought together 700 designers, suppliers, developers, mosque leaders, faith leaders and other members of the public to develop the 21st Century Beacon Mosque concept
  • 21st Century Beacon Mosques are some of the leading faith institutions of the world, adding to the spirituality and cultural richness of our society. Over 300 Mosque leaders attended the 2nd awards ceremony.
  • The two events were held at London Heathrow Marriott Hotel on 7th September
  • The English Cricket Board [ECB] will be involved at the Mosque Expo bringing the Cricket World Cup, holding a kids activity zone and providing a seminar on All Stars Cricket