Shaukat Warraich

CEO, Faith Associates

Shaukat Warraich is a multi-award winning social entrepreneur and is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Faith Associates a pioneering enterprise, developing strategies, organisational and operational capacity for 3rd sector and commercial entities in the UK and abroad. He has held a number of leadership positions in the commercial and charitable sectors helping to increase performance and sustainability. He has been responsible for producing a number of key pieces of literature and community interventions in the UK and abroad.

He has worked with and advised over 30 UK local authorities and regional governmental agencies on matters of social policy, integration and working with faith institutions. He has also advised and worked with a number of European and North American governmental departments and agencies to develop community interventions and strategies to interpenetrate policy on the ground. He has also been invited and chaired the youth empowerment round table for the United Nations at the “Alliance of Civilizations” conferences in Madrid and Istanbul.