Zahed Amanullah

Senior Member of the Harrogate Muslim Association

Zahed Amanullah is part of the Muslim community of Harrogate which prides itself on being a diverse, inclusive group of people from all over the globe that have made Harrogate district their home.

He is part of the Harrogate Islamic Association, which wants to be a hub for the Muslim community for Harrogate and district. Between festive events, charitable pursuits, seeking knowledge and congregational worship, they provide their town and surrounding district with a base for living in the way of Allah (SWT).

Harrogate Islamic Association’s community includes individuals from the Middle East to America, Africa to Southeast Asia, West Indies to those born right here in Yorkshire. The rich diversity within out network is a great attribute (particularly when there’s food involved) and means that nobody is ever a stranger.

Whilst offering an essential network for our local brothers and sisters in Islam, anyone from the community is welcome. Whether they want to know more about Islam, have in interest in charitable causes or are just invested in Harrogate life, we always welcome new friends and supporters.

He is also a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), leading the organisation’s civil society engagement, communications, and partnerships, coordinating the public and private sectors with activists, frontline workers, and relevant civil society networks. With a focus on targeted hate, he has worked closely with to support British and European civil society organisations through the Innovation Fund, the Shared Endeavour Fund, and the Google Impact Challenge on Safety.

Zahed has given testimony to the UK and European parliaments and has been featured at the BBC, NPR, Channel 4, Sky News, the Guardian, CNN International, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Le Monde Diplomatique, and Newsweek, among others.